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Ingredients: Orange pulp (50%), sugar, water, modified maize starch, acidity regulator (citric..

Apple cubes 11,0kg

Bake stable apple filling 11kgThe product designed for confectionery industry and craft. The product..

Apple marmalade filling 14,0kg

Apple marmalade filling 14,0kgApple puree (112%), sugar, acidity regulators [E330, E331], stabilizer..

Apple pieces in caramel flavored cream "Karmelotka" 11kg

Manufacturer Grados (Poland)Apple pieces in caramel flavored cream.IngredientsApple fruit (85%)..

Apple with peach without preservative 11,0

Bake stable apple-peach filling without preservative 11kgIngredients: Apple fruit (apple cubes, appl..

Apricots cake filling with pieces, baking resistant 6kg

Thermostabile apricot filling, with pieces. 6kg Ingredients: Apricots 30%, sugar, starch, acidi..

Bake stable peach filling 40% 12,0

High-quality baking-resistant filling with peach pieces (peach content 40%)The filling can be heat t..

Blueberry filling 80% without sugar 3,5kg

Blueberry filling without sugar, in gel, berry content 80%.Once opened, store in a refrigerator, use..

Cherry 55% in thermostable gel 12kg

Cherry 55% in thermostable gelIngredients: Cherry (55%), sugar, water, modified starch, acidity regu..

Fruit marmalade, red (baking resistant) 14kg

Fruit marmalade, red (baking resistant) 14kgIngredients: Apple puree(112%), sugar, water, antioxidan..

HARD FRUIT FILLING - APRICOT TASTE baking resistant 14kg

HARD FRUIT FILLING - APRICOT TASTE 14kgApple puree, sugar, acidity regulator: (E 330), preservatives..

JÕHVIKAMAITSELINE puuviljamarmelaad 14kg

JÕHVIKAMAITSELINE puuviljamarmelaad 14kg küpsetuskindel Koostis: Püreestatud õun (vähemalt 125 ..

KIRSIMAITSELINE puuviljamarmelaad 14kg

KIRSIMAITSELINE puuviljamarmelaad 14kg küpsetuskindel Koostis: Püreestatud õun (vähemalt 1..

KIRSIMAITSELINE puuviljamarmelaad pehme 14kg

KIRSIMAITSELINE puuviljamarmelaad 14kg Koostis: Püreestatud õun (vähemalt 125 g puuvilju 100 g ..