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Ingredients: Orange pulp (50%), sugar, water, modified maize starch, acidity regulator (citric..

APPLE & CINNAMON (80%) added sugar free 3,5kg -20%

Sugar-free APPLE & CINNAMON (80%) added sugar free 3,5kgOnce opened, store in a refrigerato..

Apple cubes 11,0kg

Bake stable apple filling 11kgThe product designed for confectionery industry and craft. The product..

Apple marmalade filling 14,0kg

Apple marmalade filling 14,0kgApple puree (112%), sugar, acidity regulators [E330, E331], stabilizer..

Apple pieces in caramel flavored cream "Karmelotka" 11kg

Manufacturer Grados (Poland)Apple pieces in caramel flavored cream.IngredientsApple fruit (85%)..

Apple with peach without preservative 11,0

Bake stable apple-peach filling without preservative 11kgIngredients: Apple fruit (apple cubes, appl..

Apricots cake filling with pieces, baking resistant 6kg

Thermostabile apricot filling, with pieces. 6kg Ingredients: Apricots 30%, sugar, starch, acidi..

Bake stable peach filling 40% 12,0

High-quality baking-resistant filling with peach pieces (peach content 40%)The filling can be heat t..

Blueberry filling 80% without sugar 3,5kg

Blueberry filling without sugar, in gel, berry content 80%.Once opened, store in a refrigerator, use..

Cherry 55% in thermostable gel 12kg

Cherry 55% in thermostable gelIngredients: Cherry (55%), sugar, water, modified starch, acidity regu..


Ready to use cinnamon filling for bakery and patisserie goods. Bake and freeze-thaw stable.Ingredien..

Fruit marmalade, red (baking resistant) 14kg

Fruit marmalade, red (baking resistant) 14kgIngredients: Apple puree(112%), sugar, water, antioxidan..

HARD FRUIT FILLING - APRICOT TASTE baking resistant 14kg

HARD FRUIT FILLING - APRICOT TASTE 14kgApple puree, sugar, acidity regulator: (E 330), preservatives..

JÕHVIKAMAITSELINE puuviljamarmelaad 14kg

JÕHVIKAMAITSELINE puuviljamarmelaad 14kg küpsetuskindel Koostis: Püreestatud õun (vähemalt 125 ..