Sugar and marzipan masses

Sugar and marzipan masses
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MARTSIPAN 27% 2,5kg

Kastis 5x2,5kgSuhkur, 27% mandlid, vesi, sorbitool, invertaas..

MARTSIPAN pistaatsia 12,5kg

Koostisosad: Mandlid 49,5%, suhkur, vesi, pistaatsiapähklid 5%Naturaalvalge värvusega Lemke martsipa..

Sugarpaste LADY TOP 1kg different colours

Sugar paste with a delicate white chocolte flavour, mouldable and durable for covering monumental a..

Sugarpaste LADYTOP WHITE 1kg

Sugarpaste LADYTOP WHITE  1kg is a top quality sugar paste "ready to use", it is the idealcake-..

Suhkrumass "Ladytop" valge 5kg

Suhkrumass LADYTOP VALGE 5kgKvaliteetne suhkrupasta, mis on valmis kasutamiseks. Ideaalne model..