Special offers and final sales

Special offers and final sales
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Dye in Spray orange 75ml -60%

NB! Parim enne 06/2024Colouring spray only for the surface of food products. Ready to use. Shake wel..

Fondant LADY TOP 1kg RED -80% LÕPUMÜÜK!

Sugar paste with a delicate white chocolte flavour, mouldable and durable for covering monumental a..

KÜPSETUSVORM kandiline 155x155x35mm

Küpsetusvorm on valmistatud suure tihedusega paberist, vastupidav kõrgele temperatuurile, rasvale ja..


Strawberry flavoured glaze. Could be applied in two different ways considering the final application..

RABARBERITÄIDIS 50% küpsetuskindel 6kg -20%

NB! Parim enne: 06/2024Ingredients: Rhubarb 50%, Water, Sugar, Glucose-fructose syrup, Modified star..

Shiny soft sugar pearls PEACH diameter of 4 mm 1,2kg LÕPUMÜÜK!

Shiny soft sugar pearls with a diameter of 4 mmIngredients: dextrose, sugar, rice flour, glucose syr..